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Nod is a multidisciplinary sound-based art collective found by Güneş Bozkır and Gökçe Uygun in 2021. Since then, beside duo projects, Nod had many live performances and concerts with collaboration of some other art collectives and many individual interdisciplinar artists such as composers, musicians, visual designers, and  light designers. 


Bozkır; is an Istanbul-based composer, artist and performer. He defines his music as a process that brings the cognitive-visual dimension of sound to the fore with the combination of intense timbres and gestures. He treats music as a ritualistic act, aiming to explore the potential relationship between sound, visual, time and space on a political, sociological, and psychological basis.

In parallel with his compositional outputs, he also performs solo or with other
artists in scenes such as experimental, free improvisation, free jazz and electronic.


He is currently a member of IBULOrk (Istanbul Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra) and NOD



Uygun; is an Istanbul-based composer, performer, sound designer and almost painter. Her educational background is coming from classical and jazz music on piano and composition theoretically since 2000. Along with it, she has trained in staging process, performing techniques, improvisation focused on; sound,  space,  and movement.


Beginning from 2018, as a result of her tendency to the body and movement relations with sound; she is working and producing in some particular theatre communities, laboratories, and exhibitions as a live performer, multimedia artist, and sound designer. Currently she is searching sound dramaturgy on live performance, trans-medial performance/composition and new mediums of storytelling.


She is one of the co-founders of an international artist-led collective "It's Us: Ophelia" and a member of NOD.

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