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EMPTY ROOM // 2022

A multimedia performance by NOD


Composition & Performance: Gökçe Uygun &  Güneş Bozkır

A visual and auditory experience is presented in which the presence of two people on stage is accompanied by simultaneous, fixed video reflections, and the continuity of action and time is constantly broken. It is an artistic experience that explores the connection between an individual and the space they occupy. It looks at how an individual can mentally and physically place themselves in an empty space, and then eventually have to say goodbye to that space. Additionally, it examines how an individual's sense of belonging in a space can be expanded or constrained by sharing it with others.

Special Thanks to; Meriç Orhan, Zeynep Duman, Elif Okyay, Cemre Su Salur, Murat Mustafa Tunç, Efe Aslan, Atlas 1948 Sineması

Ekran Resmi 2022-12-31 01.36.57.png

We've Met Before Haven't We // 2021

An audiovisual performance by NOD


Music & Sound Design : Gökçe Uygun &  Güneş Bozkır

Visual Design : Mürsel Güven

Light Design : Seril Aksoy

Video : Efe Aslan


Special Thanks to: Cemre Su Salur, Murat Mustafa Tunç, Atlas 1948 Sineması

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 00.00.52.png
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